Customer Laser Engraved and Painted Nameplates

Our laser engraved nameplates are available for a wide range of purposes. One of our unique features is the ability to place a painted insignia or logo onto the nameplate. This makes for a one-of-a-kind result. Our nameplates are the perfect finishing touch to a model display, diorama or ship. We can make virtually any size or shape.

Legend Series Features:

  • Laser engraved name of legendary person
  • 1″ Tall painted insignia or logo
  • Signature from the legendary person (or related information, if no signature can be found)
  • Red stained cherry (other woods and stains available)
  • Semi Gloss finish (other finishes available)
  • Nameplate approx. 1-1/8″ tall (length varies)
  • Nameplates are $14.99 per piece, and includes shipping to anywhere in the U.S. (for foreign orders please call or email)
  • If you have a person in mind, Contact Us to discuss the details.

The gallery below contains examples of our “Legends Series” laser engraved and painted nameplates